Compaction Tables & Beams

Vibraplant manufacture a range of compaction equipment for batch, continuous or semi continuous processes. Typical applications include the de-aeration or compaction of wet or dry materials into containers such as moulds, bags or boxes. This can ensure the resulting container is free of cavities, improving product quality, stabilising loads for transportation or reducing packing and shipping costs.

We design our compaction equipment to suit individual applications handling loads from a few kilogrames to approximately 20 tonnes. All units are powered by vibrators which are fitted directly to the body of the equipment offering the advantages of low maintenance and low energy consumption. For light applications we can offer pneumatic piston or small rotary electric vibrators and for heavier duties either rotary electric or rotary hydraulic vibrators.

For continuous production processes the table top design can modified to incorporate channels designed to match the pitch of a static roller conveyor. The static roller conveyor is then installed above the table being used to position the load. When the load is correctly located, the table is raised using air-bags to bring the grid-bars through the rollers to lift and vibrate the load.

For small continuous operations, it is also possible to use vibratory trough conveyors which will compact whilst conveying the load along the conveyor length.

Please view our applications page for details of the industries served or for more information regarding our compaction equipment, please contact:

Richard Cliffe – Sales Engineer
Mobile: +44 (0)7896 297 324