Industrial Applications

Vibratory plant is used to perform essential functions throughout nearly all industrial sectors; being used to control material flow in or out of industrial processing equipment, grade materials according to particle size or compact and settle material into containers.

The following is a summary of the principal fields, in which vibratory equipment is used and materials processed:

Minerals Processing

Minerals processing is one of the core markets where vibratory feeding, conveying and screening equipment is used. The minerals processing sectors served include:

  • Mining & Quarrying

Typical materials processed include:

  • Metal Ores – including iron, copper, zinc, lead
  • Aggregates – including sand and gravel
  • Crushed Stone – including limestone, chalk, sandstone, dolomite, granite and gypsum
  • Salts – including sodium chloride and potash
  • Coal and Coke – including run-of-mine, crushed and powdered material, briquettes and pellets
  • Steel Industry – iron ores, sinter, ore pellets, metal and non-metal bearing slag, fragmented metals
  • Cement Industry – clinker, powder and raw materials
  • Ceramics – clay, shale, grog, bauxite, quartzite, expanded and sintered clays

Recycling & Waste Management

The recycling and waste management sector has the greatest requirement for specialist vibratory equipment as most processes or unique. At Vibraplant we believe the key to successful processing, is to review each process individually ensuring the designs incorporate flexibility to accommodate material variations and fluctuations.

Vibratory plant is typically used for screening and feeding plus the spreading of material over sensitive equipment such as optical sorters, eddy current separators, ballistic separators and magnets. Examples of materials processed include:

  • Rubber, such as tyres and underlay
  • Plastics, including bottles, packaging and laminates
  • Glass, both plate and bottle
  • Mixed commercial and domestic waste
  • Building waste such as plasterboard, aggregates, recycled concrete and soils
  • Metals including scrap metal, metal and non-metal bearing slag
  • Biomass including wood chip, pellets, bone-meal and plant residues
  • Composted materials

Animal Feed Processing

Vibraplant can offer a range of equipment to the animal feed sector for feeding, conveying or screening both raw materials and finished products. Typical products processed include:

  • Pelleted Feed for cattle, pig, sheep, poultry and fish
  • Biscuit & Kibbled Feed for dogs and cats
  • Crumb Feed for fish & poultry
  • Powdered supplements
  • Meals such as fish, meat and bone
  • Micronized feed
  • Grains, Seeds & Pulses
  • Grasses such as hay, straw or Alf-alpha

Chemical Industries

The chemical sector uses vibratory equipment for the feeding, conveying, screening and compaction applications. Typical materials processed include:

  • Detergent powders
  • Fertilisers
  • Plastics
  • Catalysts
  • Carbides
  • Salts

Human Food Processing

The food sector typically requires smaller processing equipment but the range of products processed varies considerably; typical materials processed include:

  • Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, swede, potatoes, carrots and bean sprouts
  • Seeds, grains, nuts, beans and pulses
  • Cereals including raw materials and finished products in both flake and granular form
  • Coatings such as breadcrumb and flavourings
  • Beverages such as coffee, cocoa and tea
  • Sugar, salts and spices